Wednesday, September 21, 2011

K heres a link to a funny video i cant help but laugh at every time..... the panda gets so scared hahahaha.  Kinda looks to me like the Mama panda was about to karate chop someone lol...

Let the Time Wasting Begin!!!!

So your here too waste a lil time and you have come to the right place.. with my archives of random knowledge, jokes, breakdowns of videos and funny pics there should be plenty of stuff for you too do so you dont have to worry about those pesky customers. I know, your reading an awesome article or watching a video or heck ya might even be looking at cute lil cat pics ( hey im not here too judge) and they have to come up and ask all kinds of questions.  It sucks but hey what can we do :(..... anyway.. just kick off your shoes come on in and enjoy the show.....  and LET THE TIME WASTING BEGIN!!!!!